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Blue Drag – The Hot Club Quintet

This week I have been occupied by being back to skool, back to work. It is about equal parts exam countdown (upper years), easy-peel units on poetry (lower school) and mordant commentary with colleagues about where work might be next year. Motivation is sketchy. Sometimes little moments can be a reminder of why teaching is such a lot of fun, but a great deal of it is just the same stupid job territory as every other stupid job.

Depends on how sunny it is, mostly. Maintaining a positive demeanour in the teeth of the things with teeth.

There are multiple projects having nothing to do with earning money with which I would be far happier to engage. However, on a day-to-day basis, they are all just partially-recalled dreams, forgotten in the waking to maintain the project of watching numbers apparently related to my worth appearing and disappearing from my bank account at the same time every month.

Some Gormenghastly ceremony, the meaning of which is long since lost, that participants go through with little enthusiasm.

That’s the teeth. Ach, it’s not all lugubrious pondering and late capitalist mope! Pretty sure I shouldn’t be keeping myself up late writing… Sweeping out the mind before turning in is a highly valuable process, though.

I’ll put the chin-stroking down to a definite post-holiday blue drag. Last week it was all frolicking in familiar precincts. I remembered there was a typewriter somewhere in the house and got that out. The four year old (just picking up on an interest in written letters and numbers) now asking if they can ‘get on with some paperwork’…

lore preschoolsum

I love the faint suggestion of millennial significance, that this is a cipher holding arcane truths about the underpinnings of things.

I also love that it means “today i helped put a tent up in the garden and then did some important paperwork on the typewriter’. Or something different but also fabulous, depending on how the light hits the runes.

Infinite monkeying about! There’s a career goal. Keeping that in mind should see the rest of it fall into place.

Blogging every day has become a positive habit this year. I’m into a third month of it now. Flipping the calendar over for March and continuing from February was a lot easier than at the end of January, where I swithered endlessly over the decision to carry on a New Year plan of action or to ‘ease off’ somehow. Backing away from new behaviour patterns is maybe a natural instinct, when it feels like it might be hard work.

So far, though, this perception has been absent. Posts like this, getting all meta about it… well, it’s not that I’m not having that conversation with myself, just that it’s not something I tend to let bubble up here in The Mortal Bath.

Alongside this, I am nurturing an interest in technical assistance. Like the gardening, really – digging up the weeds a bit, having a spring clean around all the habitual tools and methods I have accumulated. Seeing what still works, what doesn’t and needs throwing away – or B U R N I N G – and what new kit might be useful.

Trialling this week:

WriteMonkey for Windows (following a suggestion from a Jon Westenberg article on
Omni Notes for Android (had enough of Google Keep, and find Evernote’s UI a bit horrid)
Buffer, Edgar, Hootsuite

Will be posting on how these work out later.

It’s gonna make life easy for me!
It’s gonna be easy to get things done!