Months back – goodness, about a year ago – The Mortal Bath waxed lyrical about juke boxes.

This was exactly what it was like.

In that previous post, I was in a fit of nostalgia regarding the glory of 7′ singles (that’s a Spinal Tap reference) and the juke boxes whereon they could often be found, once upon a time. I found out that a local company called Betterdaze hires and sells jukeboxes, and inexpensive vinyl records. This all made me very happy.

I’ve been scuppered by a lack of record playing kit since getting rid of “a pair of decks”, for one reason and another, mainly the advent of some offspring – goodness, about a year ago. Yet, although on the lookout for something turntablish, I thought at the time of writing that this was unlikely. ‘Juke Box Drooling’ was unequivocal on the issue:

A record player is on my ‘laters’ list, among the growing assortment of mid-life crisisery to follow when Junior eventually goes to college, or requires their synapses jacking into the Neuroframe, or whatever vastly expensive future child education cost scenario it may be.

Imagine my joy, then, at the series of cosmic coincidences and fortuities that last week had us, with spare money, decide to go to Northallerton, me becoming somehow convinced that this would be where the quest for the mysterious platters of gold would come to fruition, and, by the simple expedient of walking up the main drag, discovering Zetland Street, where Betterdaze is based and – AND – is SELLING TURNTABLES atreasonableprices.

It’s like they’re trying to get me to buy records off them or something.

It was also the day after a documentary on the gogglebox about The Who making Tommy, so I was in a particularly tranced out golden age of records mood as I bought a delightful Yamaha phonograph and a copy of Tommy for not a lot of money.

The little one is still too small for a pony, thankfully, so plenty time to save up for all that.

To add further wonders to all this discographical marvellousness, on chatting to avuncular Betterdaze head honcho Gary, I discovered that the shop is hosting a Springsteen film night on Saturday 16th November, starting at 7pm. Yes, a FREE social event screening of ‘Springsteen and I’.


Well, of course. You had me at 1! 2! 1-2-3-4!

The Mortal Bath is not on any sort of retainer from Betterdaze. But would consider it, obvs.