Imagine our* surprise on picking up the free newspaper yesterday!

The story made for compelling reading.

*Thanks to J for District Line workshop hysteria and doing the fiddly bit with the image software, among countless other wonderfulnesses. xx

Well, this was great fun.

Yesterday, the Metro ran a text-in poll…

…let’s just skip over the fact that that the Metro is not only a terrible (news-) free tabloid but also made by Northcliffe Press, friends of the right since the infamous “Hurrah for the Blackshirts!” headline of 1934…

which looked like this:


The question, “Does the BNP’s Euro election success signal a move to the…”, typo which it must have been, looks as though the Metro was inadvertently inviting the reader to fill in the gap.

Presumably the word was ‘right’, as in wing, as in political sentiment, but perhaps the implication that ‘right’ might somehow mean ‘correct’ or ‘seemly’ was too much, even for a sub-ed at the Metro.

What else might they have meant?

“Does the BNP’s Euro election success signal a move to the…

…grim future of a country run by neo Nazis?”

…acceptance of the sorry world view of genetic nostalgists?”

… happy dawn of yids, coons, gyppoes & faggots in stripey pyjamas?”

… fantasy world of a group of delusional idiots led by a Cambridge graduate longing for their fag, their teddy and a forever green homeland uncomplicated by the consequences of Empire?”

Maybe they were hoping for something more pithy… like:

“Does the BNP’s Euro election success signal a move to the…


… 1930s?”


Perhaps we’ll never know.