Further to the recent Sugar Mountain post, and feeling bloatier than Bloaty McBloatface, I decided to take evasive action and not have any sugar today. I think I even managed to not have any fruit.

The whole of my lower intestines are gurgling like some entity in a Stephen King story.

Oh yes. Heheheheheh. Bloat.

Bloop Blup

Still heeeere, Bloaty boy. You NEED something sugary.


There’s no avoiding this, Bloaty boy.

Hey, sweet tooth boy!



You’re going to feel reeeeeaaaaaal sorry when you don’t get some more of that sucrose slurped down. Yes sir.

Srowwwllllllllllllllllllllll brip

Hey! Heeeeeyyyyyyyyyy! Bloat.



And so forth. All talk. I’ve stopped listening. It’ll be tapping on the window later on. Same routine, slightly muted, through the glass.