A number of news media sources report that a special committee of the UN will be debating the development (and deployment) of ‘killer robots’.

…amid fears that once created they could pose a “threat to humanity”.

I share concerns that people may be continuing to develop weapons that might be used as weapons…

Jetting past the pop culture whimsy, indicated by the nervous use of illustrative stills from Terminator films and jokey mouseover Dalek comments, that this has become an Official Issue for Discussion is actually a grave development. When the UN and similar bodies take seriously apparently novel ways to kill ourselves like this, it usually means it is already happening.

The idea of science fiction/speculative fiction being ‘today’s world set tomorrow’ can perhaps be augmented by seeing it as a kind of two-way wormhole. Creation and scientific development today also incorporate these projected views of different futures. Each informs the other.

I consider it a matter of worry and disappointment that we the species do not seem to take on board the negative aspects of our own interpretations, allegories, extrapolations. That we still view consensual reality and the future as things that need marshalling with guns, ever shinier and more complex. That we can look at the Terminator films and think ‘Yeah… we need those killer robots’.

We are still waiting for smart fruit…

Smart Fruit from Danny McKenna on Vimeo.

Stealth Bananas.