Channel 4 just screened Robin Hood, the 2010 Ridley Scott version. I haven’t seen it before, so felt that I should cast an eye. I have always been a bit of a Hoodie, or whatever you call fans of Loxley-related media.

So, yeah, Russell Crowe tackling the English folk hero legend. The accent issue has been widely dealt with, I note on further reading across the webs. It did kind of intrude. One can only imagine the conversations on set.

[Battle sequence rages]
“Cut! Cut! Russell, what the fuck is that accent supposed to be?”
“It’s, er, 12th Century Nottinghamshire, Ridley.”
“You sound like Alan Bennett. Try and be a bit more rural, twangy? Rugged. Yeah? Okay, reset… Rolling, and, action…”

[Ye scene continuef]

“Cut! Russell!”
“Is that John Lennon? Come on, mate. You’re a Midlander yeoman. Action.”

[Swords, alarum]

“What’s up, Ridley?”
“[Sighs] You’re going Irish, Russell.”
“Yes you are.”
“Er… whit aboot this then?”
“Robin Hood wasn’t a fucking Geordie, Russell. I am. Are you taking the piss? Just do one accent! Jesus. It’ll be fucking Aberystwyth next. [Wearied] Come on, then, action!”

[And so on, merrily throughout the British Isles in search of ye authentic Lincoln Green tones of Kevin Costner.]