Among the benefits of having a clear head in the evening is the freeing up of synapses that would otherwise be closed down. Engagement circuits, the ones governing (self)care, the bits that get irate, unhappy, the ones that get over-excited. It is also, longer term, the bits that cover amusement and enjoyment as well; all blissfully fuzzed over and turned down, ‘dark’ setting, less brightness.

With the absence of the dampener of alcohol, all of those come back on, which can be both boon and bane. I find myself spending hours trying to get the same kind of levelling off from reading… content, input, til I find the click.

Current status: a modest 10 tabs open, one of which is WordPress, where I’m typing this. I follow a lot of newsletters, all of which link to stuff I find interesting for different reasons.

So, keeping the head busy, but there’s always more content. Input…

Probably room to improve the filtration here too!

There’s a lot of valuable writing about drinking, and not drinking. Today I discovered soberpunks, which had a lot of resonance for me, geographically, musically, ethically… and with regard to alcohol, of course.

Tip 3 on an early post of theirs – 7 tips to quit the booze – is to ‘Read and read and read’.

They recommend a book that actually I picked up in a library sale last year, Kick the drink… easily! by Jason Vale. I had decided to not drink about two months before that, so it was a sort of synchronicitous find. It’s maybe a bit overlong, but I entertained myself by having Jason Statham do the narration in my head as I read, so that was fun. There’s a lot I agreed with in it, and I agree it’s definitely worth a look.

Also, reading stuff that’s nothing to do with drinking is a mighty strong idea. I would like to commend to you  The Shatner Chatner if you don’t know about it. Daniel Mallory Ortberg is a total genius. Halfway through “You There! Swordsmith! Can We Count On You?”, when it got to the band of companions… reader, I near bust a girdleband.


Following on from the lavish Bloomsbury booklists I posted t’other night, here is my January reading material:


Including, just creeping into shot on the left:


The multiple-sense heaviness of the Sylvester/Wilson/Robinson/Hernandez combo (which reads a bit like the start of a review of a prog rock album, I know, bear with) needs the true gravitas of George and Martha to provide balance.