Children’s entertainment radio advert:

Optimus Subprime! A terrific investment for children’s parties, community events, galas!

You can bank on our trained actors, which arrive in Transformers-styled costume, to bring fun and interest for your little ones, offering songs, audience participation, and a robotic dance-off with some important messages about sensible economic planning for your family’s future!

(Terms and conditions apply. Book before April 1st to take advantage of our “Frozen Assets” special – all your favourite Disney characters and a song medley focussed on the ‘bare necessities’ of sound financial decision making. For little ones aged two and above.)

6 Music, the BBC’s slightly left of centre radio channel, has been dedicating this weekend’s schedule to commemorating David Bowie. Long noted as a Bowie superfan (not a prophet or a stone age man), Adam Buxton has been back on the airwaves as part of the programming with this two hour ‘take on the great man’.

It’s well worth seeking out and giving some attention to, as it has many very funny bits in (Cobbler Bob…) and some intriguing lyrical exegesis from the late Dame David as well.

Bowie’s clarification of the intent behind Space Oddity – that Major Tom is not victim to mechanical failure, but deliberately cutting himself adrift – was a major (Tom) perspective shift for me. As happens from time to time, your world view can be altered by something you’d never considered. Purely on a ‘song itself’ basis, it’s such an important detail. The mournful ending is still there, it’s still sad, but for different reasons. In that light, of course, Ashes to Ashes holds even more resonance.

Anyway, as I write this I’m listening to Brian Eno recounting his and Bowie’s devotion to Derek and Clive during the recording of Low.


Derek Bowie… Of course! Suddenly it *all* makes sense.