There is news that Prince died intestate, according to his sister, Tyka Nelson, who has quite reasonably filed papers stating she ‘does not know of the existence of a will’… Although even someone without special legal knowledge could note that that does not amount to the same thing as there not being a will, TMZ, etc.

Such events almost seem bound to happen in the music industry in such situations. I’d be very surprised if notorious music rights ownership maven Prince had not given his legacy some consideration, however.

While contemplating the circling of lawyers, relatives, and indeed the commentariat all looking for orts from the Paisley Park vaults, and trying hard to find a bit more W to go with the will aspect, I was tickled to discover that today’s Birthday Book quotation is from Will Shakespeare:

If money go before, all ways lie open.

Well, there we go, I thought.

Prince Rogers Nelson has died.

Listening to records this evening.


Back once again with vinyl records chosen by an increasingly mobile and inquisitive baby daughter… K-Pumpkin just keeps on (toy) truckin’.

Prince – Lovesexy

Prince-lovesexy-front Actually your prescient pre-school pancake turner began plucking this long-player from the shelf repeatedly around Christmas, foreshadowing the wave of Princeophilia that has crested across the UK recently. 3rd Eye Girl.

Disk-pick debunkers may point to the shiny poly slip cover in which it is held, but this 1988 classic from the Purple One has gained repeated plays despite it being put back on different shelves, upside down, not in the shiny poly slip cover…


Eye No, Alphabet Street, Glam Slam… one could just list all the tracks. Every one a prime Paisley Park cut. Prince’s funkiest album? Rudest cover? Well, there’s a lot to commend it. Your toddling DJ knows what gets the room moving.

Seeing as it’s virtually impossible to see actual Prince videos online for longer than about five minutes, it may be that this link breaks shortly, but while u can, hope u dig this foxy number: [eye wish u heaven]

Still spankin the plank, but this time while getting on a fake beard and driving a chopped Ford hot rod full of synthoblues down to the gaseteria, ZZ Top’s Eliminator album is famous mostly for its massive opening track and single Gimme All Your Loving. (See below for a double bill of Billy Gibbons’ beardy goodness…)



“Work it like a new boy should” indeed. A firm favourite, ahem. The album reveals further salacious treats, such as “Legs”, and the absurdly priapismic “I Got The Six” (“Gimme your nine,” FFS). Fruity lyrics notwithstanding, it has to be the insistent bass and beats that keep our tiny turntablist returning to the last record on the bottom shelf time and again.


Stay tuned to Radio Toddler, where every platter’s been hand-picked.

I’ve been writing zines for quite some time now (first one was ‘Thingy’ in about 1996) and have always found it hard work, what with other things to do (working for money, eating, drinking heavily, having sex, enjoying the sunshine, writing and listening to Adam and Joe again… etc…)

This is why I’m quite glad of the instant publishing appeal of the blog format, because you just go ‘blaah’ and hit ‘publish’. However, it’s a bit unsatisfactory because you can’t really take a laptop into the lav (and the wap on my mobile is unreliable in the smallest room), and anyway it’s NOT THE SAME, dammit, as cutting and pasting using actual scissors and actual glue, constructing an actual object…

So! Issue 3 of Whaaat?, the zine me and m’colleague Julia at the Ministry and ‘other contributors’ have been putting off compiling a new one of for far too long is ON, it’s IN HAND (well, in pieces on the table next to me), and coming out in time for Zineswap.

There, I said it. It’s been announced, so it has to happen. Setting out the equipment here – scissors, paper, glue, pics, printer, slicing board, all those accoutrements, bof alors, I may don a beret I’m half-cut with left bank ponce excitement – I am actually beside myself with glee. I don’t get that waiting for the computer to finish dicking about with the virus checker.

You can see a scanned version of the first edition here. Meanwhile, in the trad ‘fanzine’ spirit, here’s my new favourite band, Mumford and Sons who I wouldn’t have heard unless I was skulking inside snipping, sticking and eating boiled eggs instead of going out and enjoying this delicious September blue sky, so the interweb’s good for some stuff I spose…

Oh, and then Dr Buckles and Dr Sexy stuck the Ballad of Dorothy Parker on… and now it’s Gruff Rhys! Well, maybe I’ll make it out by noon.


snip snip snip