Blogging every day has become a positive habit this year. I’m into a third month of it now. Flipping the calendar over for March and continuing from February was a lot easier than at the end of January, where I swithered endlessly over the decision to carry on a New Year plan of action or to ‘ease off’ somehow. Backing away from new behaviour patterns is maybe a natural instinct, when it feels like it might be hard work.

So far, though, this perception has been absent. Posts like this, getting all meta about it… well, it’s not that I’m not having that conversation with myself, just that it’s not something I tend to let bubble up here in The Mortal Bath.

Alongside this, I am nurturing an interest in technical assistance. Like the gardening, really – digging up the weeds a bit, having a spring clean around all the habitual tools and methods I have accumulated. Seeing what still works, what doesn’t and needs throwing away – or B U R N I N G – and what new kit might be useful.

Trialling this week:

WriteMonkey for Windows (following a suggestion from a Jon Westenberg article on
Omni Notes for Android (had enough of Google Keep, and find Evernote’s UI a bit horrid)
Buffer, Edgar, Hootsuite

Will be posting on how these work out later.

It’s gonna make life easy for me!
It’s gonna be easy to get things done!