This week, band practice is off due to the entire band being afflicted with the same rattling phlegmy cough/diabolical runny nose issues, which we understand Science has termed Green Lumpy Sickness.

I was going to post something musical, but my ears are all gluey so instead today I’m going to unglue my mind, dig? I mean, I’m sat on the sofa glad I’m not lugging an amp in this rain, wheezily catching up on some reading.


This book of Francis Bacon interviews was a good find. It’s transcripts, which I used to write for a living and came to love, and content wise is full of surprising revelations, with the dialogue opening up intriguing ideas about artistic processes.


DS     It’s a matter of reconciling opposites, I suppose – of making the thing be contradictory things at once.

Isn’t it that one wants a thing to be as factual as possible and at the same time as deeply suggestive or deeply unlocking of areas of sensation other than simple illustrations of the object that you set out to do? Isn’t that what all art is about?

Mmmm, mmmm.
[Inserts felt penned My Little Ponies image again – starts laughing – sets off paroxysm of chesty coughing – that’ll learn him – ]

Feeling thoroughly rough today. A two-week old nagging cold finally decided to set right in, heading for the lungs having blocked off the sinuses. Ragged throat, itchy eyes & gluey ears. Bleah.

Soothing everything, via Bandcamp, this music from Cello & Laptop.