Today was one of the Mondayest Mondays I’ve endured in quite some time.

There’s a global village feeling of all the now being moments in the End Times. There are a lot of things to get exercised about, and a concurrent feeling of there being little-to-nothing that one can do apart from get exercised. The late-capitalist hamster wheel.

Locally, there’s a general sense of weariness on the air: low professional motivation occasioned by imminent threat of job loss, a not-approaching-quickly-enough Easter break, classes in the dismal zone of end-of-year examinations…

This communal emotional lethargy is being compounded on the personal plane by a cold that’s lurking on the threshold of my upper respiratory tract, unable to make up its mind as to whether to step in or not. Also, I had joint aches, and a colossal crimson roundel of a nascent pluke on the very end of my nose, ffs.

Still! Endured it all was. In the teeth of uncertainty, one thing I can say for sure is that I have a pervading feeling of equanimity, which I am in very little doubt is occasioned at least partly by not drinking alcohol.

It’s a habit that seems to be entering a self-sustaining stage. 56 days today, and increasingly just a thing I’m doing, rather than The Thing I’m Doing. I was talking about it with a pal yesterday – various processes at work are all easier to set in an appropriate perspective because they’re not amplified/filtered as they might have been, have been, in previous iterations, around the spiral, with booze.

So yes, thanks, Mondayish Monday: got your number, ta. *thumbs up*

A re-post for ‘I’ today, for today I was back to work and have been incredibly busy – inundated, in fact.

An article from, on correspondence between Timothy Leary and Carl Sagan.

This depicts an interesting collision of thoughts, I think.