Saturday night’s alright for loafing. I’m a big fan of IFTTT at the moment. It’s great for automating fiddly tasks I’d never get round to otherwise. “Add” a track on Spotify, for example, and it could send it to a specific playlist. Does the same with SoundCloud, for another example. So, one might generate a nice evening selection wivout scarcely lifting a thumb.

Fiddle de dee, loaf, loaf, loaf. Apparently, yesterday was National Guacamole Day. Some avocado marketing guru is patting themselves on the back for that, I’m sure. However, as a fan of guac, it deserves a nod. SFA, take it away!

I need revolution, ’cause I can’t afford the price of cake.

Attentive readers will have noticed a few Instagram images popping up here, and if you’ve come to the blog via Twitter there are links also back and again there betwixt these and they.

These and other cross-platform connections, repetitions and hesitations are likely to continue to appear for the next week or so while I work out which way round to order IFTTT recipes correctly to enable me to issue forth on multiple channels without having to double click.

I love IFTTT, especially as it’s encouraging me to check my settings more fastidiously. It has revealed that multiple apps/platforms already do linking, sharing, connecting, just not all the linking, sharing or connecting, and not on a mobile device, necessarily. So Instagram has a share via Twitter option, for example, but not WordPress, and WordPress doesn’t seem to want to link with Instagram (though it is quite comprehensive in its sharing options otherwise), and I can’t control its links to Twitter on the Android app…

IFTTT makes it all happen – ’tis witchcraft! – and I’m enjoying the metaphorical engine tinkering. Although I feel I should acknowledge that this is very low-level tinkering, really. A bit like being pleased I can change my own windscreen wipers, I suppose.

It’s times like this I wish I’d paid more attention in Computing at school, rather than pretty much giving up at ‘GOTO 20’, where 20 was ’20 PRINT “BUMS”‘, or whatever it was.