In the interests of protecting the environment, here is a recycled Groundhog Day meditation, in keeping with the repetitious genius of both the film and the meteorological forecasting festival.

The article first emerged blinking from the Gobbler’s Knob of my mind two years hence, as seen on slalom-speaking:

“Today is ‘Groundhog Day’, both in the ‘here we are at work again, let it end, let it end! like in the film starring Bill Murray’ sense, and in the actual-festival-in-America sense.

Proving that Americans can do whimsy as well as the next anthropomorphed rodent, the massy marmoset Punxsutawney Phil emerged – live via webcam! – from the burrow at Gobbler’s Knob – NO, REALLY – in his official capacity as Prognosticator of Prognosticators to project an early spring, (which might be due to global warming, but the President of the Inner Circle was being loose with the translation from Groundhoguese to avoid controversy with the 15,000-odd strong crowd that had turned up). Loud cheers and feasting commenced. And rightly so, given that it is only the 14th early spring announced in 111 recorded predictions.

Phil, 112, noted it had been ‘a good gig’, and promises to be back in the summer with his new game show ‘How Much Wood Can YOU Chuck?'”

Phil (now 115) predicts six more weeks of winter for 2010.