23rd April. One cannot let the occasion of Shakespeare’s death, and possible birth, pass without a tip of the hat.

An “ask any question” question, written on a post-it note in an English class I taught one time:

“What would win in a fight between Shakespeare or of Godzilla?”

"...then have at you with my wit!"

“…then have at you with my wit!”

I keep the original post-it about me. Shonky grammar from student – and now shonky photoshopping – be damned. It’s this kind of question that sustains my glee in teaching English.

Perhaps you might like to continue the celebrations by casting an eye over a couple of The Mortal Bath’s prior notes on the Sweet Swan of Avon: Shakespeare’s presence on cheat sheet websites and the previously unspoken love betwixt Shakespeare and George Orwell.

Happy Bard Day everyone!