Obviously “Monday motivation” is a thing, but I was surprised to discover that the same thing exists at the other end of the week.

Beyond the TGI Friday notion of the weekend starts here, I mean. When I worked in bars,  Friday was always when work really started anyway. The motivation for that seemed at times to come from being in a kind of oppositional role. You were not like one of the norms coming in from work on a Friday. Different calendar, different clock. You’d see the punters get leathered, then do the close down, then enjoy a massive lock-in til late on. Back in the next day, either opening up or doing the same thing in the evening.

Out of the service industry, I worked on the TGIF circuit in London for a bit. The habit of concluding work around 18.00 and walking into the nearest pub was an enjoyable one, especially as I was at a company where the boss was a work hard play hard type prone to showing off and purchasing loyalty with lavish rounds, usually including shots. I have the scars to show for ill-advised cycles home to Brixton and Brockley, full of lager, tequila and submerged loathing.

All that is well disappeared now, though – 10 years of austerity coinciding with attaining A Certain Age and disposition, progressing through various stages of home drinking on Friday being the new going out on Friday. Three-for-£10 wine from Iceland, two-for-£10 out the supermarket, craft ales, craft ciders, craft cocktails (kitchen mixology)… one really good bottle of wine that will need a supplement later so might as well just get a cheaper one as well and have that first… Taking us through to ales on a Saturday afternoon for recovery, more wine and into Sunday, etc.

Kids introduced a curb on all this, and working as a teacher has brought things like marking on Saturday or Sundays. This makes Friday once again something that is maybe more a conceptual catatonia than a calendrical certainty.

I was looking round to see if “Friday motivation” was indeed a thing. I felt in need of it a bit this evening, hitting the weekend like the top of my head off an unexpected low beam.

Somewhat to my surprise, it was, and not in the way I expected. (Click through 45 images to find out how!) Some careers website had a scroll-down list of motivational quotes for EVERY DAY of the week, including the weekend, for the sweet love of god. They suggested:

Friday: Conquer Your Fears

It’s Friday, which means it’s the end of the work week. As you move into your weekend, remember not to let your fears hold you back—in your career or your life! These quotes will urge you to leave your worries at the door and walk confidently toward the future.

Quite apposite, as it happens. Just what I needed. YET… the motivated response it prompted came from a realisation of the fact that ending the working week in a state of anxiety seems to be a common, global occurrence. Perhaps, even, an anticipated, planned-in phenomenon!

Which is fucking terrible!

So, that all perked me up a bit.