If you celebrated Christmas with decorations, tradition has it that you are supposed to have taken them all down by now.

Twelfth Night, whenever you think it should be marked (indeed, should you think this), has passed. Here, the decorations are safely boxed until later in the year, when the festive cycle of tinselly joy will begin anew – possibly sometime in August depending on where one shops.

Taking down the cards, we had a dewy-eyed re-read of the lovely wishes from those of our pals who like to still indulge in a stamp. It can be really hard to find suitable cards, though. The wording on this one struck us as a bit odd. A bit… well, passive?


“It’s hoped…”? Words are very rascals, as Feste the Jester suggests(-ah)!

Fortunately, a perfectly happy Christmas was had. That’s it over officially now, though. Back on your heads…