A diverting article about CyberCity, helpfully explained in the URL at fastcoexist as a-tiny-city-built-to-be-destroyed-by-cyber-terrorists-so-real-cities-know-whats-coming. This was drawn to my attention by Bruce Sterling’s Beyond the Beyond blog at Wired.

I’ve been enjoying lots of Fringe on DVD recently, so it’s all about the cybergeddon at the minute. And, here in this reality, it’s intriguing to consider the need for such a project, never mind the whimsical toytown apocalypse aspects. However, I couldn’t help but giggle at the implications of this sentence:

“In another scenario, students must figure out how to simultaneously turn all of the traffic lights in town red, to halt the escape of terrorists fleeing the city.”

I presume the intent in this scenario is just to snarl up traffic, but I enjoyed the idea of an escaping terrorist sitting at red lights, drumming their fingers on the steering wheel, perhaps murmuring an uneasy ‘Come on!” and checking their watch, as hackers high-five each other in the bunker.

Next in my brain: Frank Zappa.

And it’s over there…