today’s entry is going to be made using voice recognition typing type software and I’m going to further complicated by recording this will help Max and Ruby is on DVD in the background

I used to work in transcription about ten years ago and this kind of software would have been a bit of a godsend however even at the time it was clear that we meaning them human right as would be needed in an editorial capacity because if you read the original transcript of this it would be obvious that people would really get what you were talking about but id be a bit messy

and so it actually reading back this is exceeded my expectations even with the Wind somebody’s talking in the background and a crunchy of carrot for my little one who’s watching the DVD

here’s an idea – singing bluebird earrings are on offer at $4

the Lobster wants to share your birthday cake mix

downstairs after us a real episode the DVD has started skipping because of damage that the DS I’ll continue my dictation yeah writing for a living I had a lot of shortcuts on my keyboard and it was quite a useful

facility one that turn a hard job easy

something I’ve noticed about this dictation software is that it tends to just stop working in the middle of the sentence if you pause or hesitate apparently so you can have to go on a bit of a roll and hope that you’re not going to run out of things to say in the middle of saying them which is I realised pretty much really how I write

the function of this seems to be helpful if you were driving she can do a verbal notes but if you’re having Cris keep stopping to press record again because he keeps stopping while you’re doing it then that’s going to be a bit of an inconvenience and probably something that you might get pulled over and arrested for

also it appears to be introducing a narrative into my notes in that this character Cris is now the person responsible mm maybe that’s what I should call my dictation software note to self for all of the mistakes that I make

I mean considering that I’m actually talking quite quickly, and I keep forgetting to do much punctuation comma this device is coped admirably to be honest

I can’t get the YouTube app to embed that properly but that is somewhat predictively penetration with don’t dictate oh yeah.

The title for this post comes from ‘top searches’ on my wordpress dashboard.

Tonight I stepped outside at twilight to shut in the chickens. It was quiet, so quiet I stopped by the side of the house and just stood in the silence for a moment or two. All the day birds had tucked in for the night. We’d had a thunderstorm earlier, and everything smelled crisp and fresh. One of them there moments of clarity ensued.


Then the fragments of alternate lyrics to a version of The Ballad of Dorothy Parker, only about a chicken, re-established themselves in my head (“Yeah, let me get some millet, I ain’t too hungry.”) and normal service was resumed. But still, still.

This summer’s pans on the hobs:

  • Enthusiastically Shedding Stuff
  • Moving house
  • Looking at my family in wonderment (simmer forever)
  • Putting together a hard copy publication
    (Actual physical print product. Comics, music, politics, etc. Would you like to write or draw or something for it? Do please let me know.)