IMG_20160525_211741Here’s to Douglas Adams. It’s Towel Day today, which I chose to celebrate by not finding out about it until slightly less than four of our Earth minutes ago.

Here is a link to a list article, many of which might be adopted as a life guide only by the terminally misguided (something something the one about airports).

Still – hey hey hey! – it was the DNA. So, yes, EFF IT.


Owing to my Great Green Arkleseizuresque infection (upgraded from man flu on the advice of both anaesthetist and consultant!) the nose op was cancelled on safety grounds… to be continued later this year…

With a nasal ‘bah!’, I spent the day instead working from home, periodically dipping into assorted distractions: the ever frothing waters of Twitter, various feeds I’m cultivating (for which all suggestions received gratefully, thanks… the further flung the finer), and such.

This link to a Guardian UK article about Neil Gaiman and Douglas Adams, and the great bit of fan writing that is the Don’t Panic book, gave me a few happy moments… then a good 10 minutes hate as I tried to find the volume on some unsatisfactorily unorganized shelves. Such are the organisational perils of double stacking when your one year old child is at the paper destruction stage.

Anyway, it was eventually on the first shelf I’d looked on, obviously:


So now I’ve reshelved it where I can find it for rereading:


“Sorry the place is such a mess!” (Breaks something)

Right, now: where did I stash Good Omens? And Meaning of Liff for that matter?