Maybe soda and lime has greater properties of intoxication than I knew. Maybe it’s a function of getting about four hours sleep in a room with no curtains and an adjacent stairwell light that can be seen from space. This morning was a non-hangover hangover, and hard work it was too.

There was the electrical tension in the muscles, stretched eyefeel and spacey weirdness that I associate with the consumption of uppers, only with nothing more than pints of soft drink and a terrible night’s rest. A vaguely antsy feeling was present too, crawly discomfort in shoulder blades and synapses, but instead of chemical guilt it seemed to come more from being soberly if exhaustedly having a lot of associations to work through.

It was a foggy morning in the city. I was up early and moving briskly through thick grey chill to get breakfast. Coffee shops and snack bars were setting out their counters, and I was hopping up and down off kerbs as I crossed roads with a sense of excitement to be about among it all waking up.

The stiffness and tiredness were loosening. The gig had been great. The feelings of self-consciousness were interesting bits of flotsam bobbing past, kind of clustering near a knot of roots, but not lingering especially long.

Since first drinking, never mind the further excursions into other substances, there’ve been (it was occurring to me) so many occasions where the morning after seems to have been a reluctant return to face things I would rather avoid.

The crush of everyday life, the impossible silent dullness of it, the reality of having to work and the limited opportunities to enjoy that, and beyond that foggy morning rat racing, in our own lives, the ways we strive to reach each other, the ways we fall short and the ways we succeed, for those brief sparks of delight…

… the face in the mirror looking back bemused.

At least with a hangover you’ve got a fairly certain chance you’re going to feel better later in the day.

Much more like hard work without! Not so reluctant, maybe, but still. It’s a lot to process before coffee.

“…corporate-dominated dystopias are the new zombies.”

Science fiction visions of the near future reflecting contemporary preoccupations, as usual. And io9 all like whatever and shit.

Meanwhile, still languishing in development: Lazarus.

Might start another run through Fringe…

"Bring me Damon, Affleck, duct tape, the transmogrifier... and a pain au chocolat. "

“Bring me Damon, Affleck, duct tape, the transmogrifier… and a pain au chocolat. ”