A nod to this deja-vu post by the ever-wonderful Julia Smith of “10 minutes hate” blog. I grew up in the 1980s and seem to recall it being the Golden Age of Acquisition in some quarters.

Embedding disabled for Pet Shop Boys ‘Opportunities’

Etc, etc, etc. Of course, there are always artistic fingers crossed behind backs when people sing pop songs for or against the dollar (or the pound). As I’ve noted elsewhere, for many, many years we have been a society of the spectacularly compromised. YET, I always have and always will harbour a hope that maybe we can get on with doing It better, y’know, exploring space (inner and outer), instead of re-treading the same ground politically, economically, culturally…

Meanwhile, as the toffs gavotte round Downing Street to familiar tunes from our folk heritage, I say pick up thy guitar and play, just like yesterday. And to reiterate Julia’s point, best of luck!