Just got round to watching Guardians of the Galaxy this evening. Really good fun.

Then after, just before switching off, I was reading some news links. Logging on, a late night last orders in a quest to still a drink itch. Doesn’t matter what news. Then, found myself wading through the comments in a Grauniad article. Doesn’t matter which. Equivalent to Jaegermeister-shot-in-a-half-pint-of-lager.

Definitely time for an intervention. Or intergalactic abduction, maybe.

With a little work busyness getting in the way, the only thing I have to offer today – the only thing I need to offer today – is a link to this article at the fabulous Clickhole, entitled ‘7 things women wish men would do during sex’.

The first one alone is worth the effort, but number five also had us dabbing tears of joy.

Right, back to the other thing…