E is for Excellent!

Being of a certain demographic, I was delighted, but delighted, to discover that there may be a third Bill and Ted film in the offing.

Part of me will forever value the concept of the transformative powers of rock to align the cosmos. Universal harmony achieved through study, and bodacious fretwork.

Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter have made the probably unnecessary and yet entirely non-non-non-heinous decision to take up their axes again, prompted by a script from original writers Chris Matheson and Ed Solomon.

The enthusiastic crew discuss the plot and their reasoning in detail in a clip available via Entertainment Weekly.

Keanu Reeves notes that if their sole legacy to mankind was the phrase “Be excellent to each other”, that would be pretty good. A sentiment with which I concur most heartily.

Today I received the FX pedal from Online Second Hand Purchase Site. The missing piece of the guitar set-up. Now officially ready to rock.


Here’s the pedal, an MXR M78:


Station. The manual revealed Dunlop/MXR employs copy writers with a dry little sense of humour. I can’t wait to get it plugged in and sample the ’90s alternative sound – Smells Like Flannel Angst’.

If there’s one guitar sound from 1978 I always wanted to replicate, it would be this one:

[Cut to me sausage fingering my way through the solo to ‘Teen Spirit’]

To be continued. Meanwhile, be excellent to yourselves… (Diddly-iddly-eee!)