Dismal news very early this morning on the passing of Clarence Clemons.

I would say ‘Rest in Peace’, but I think a heart-breaking, earth-quaking, string-raking, noise-making send off would be more appropriate. Today I have been enjoying repeated goosebumps at the sax breaks in Prove It All Night, Badlands, Born to Run, 10th Avenue Freeze Out, Jungleland, etc, etc, etc, and being thankful I got to see the Big Man performing with the E-Street Band twice.

As I noted in a very early post (and I will complete that project, swear down):

My favourite song on ‘Born in the USA’ is No Surrender, which might neatly encapsulate my feelings about music in general: ‘We learned more from a three minute record than we ever learned in school.’ 1-2-3-4!

To which I add that although I’m pretty sure I never learned about the Dreikaiserbund from a three minute record, since I first heard them I *understood* Miami Steve, Bruce and Clarence as some sort of mystic trinity, three kings bringing rock gifts from afar to personally save me. I tip my hat.