This weekend in the garden, we got at the berryfull but overgrown elder.As the photo shows, the apples are dropping too.

 Elderberries are very potent vitamin C containers, have a lot of vitamin A, and some research suggests they have strong antiviral properties.

We make juice. The berry recipe:

  • Lots of elderberries
  • Cloves
  • Star anise
  • Cinnamon

Cover with water, boil and reduce to a thickish liquor.

Strain, add sugar/honey to taste…  Simmer again. 

We’re probably going to keep this one liquid (in stoppered bottles), but quite like the idea of procuring some gelatine (beef/veggie), and jelly baby moulds, to make winter sweeties with the next batch.

The elder bush is in the chicken run, and they greatly enjoyed the offcuts.

Today we recognise the anniversary (approx.) of the isolation of Vitamin C!

Thanks are due to the health-giving properties of Dr C.G.King, Dr William Waugh and Albert Szent-Györgyi, who put a label on the essential goodness that is ascorbic acid.

We celebrate this nutritional milestone with some Dead Prez:

This has been another lemon issue of The Mortal Bath…

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