Band news was here, Monday nights following rehearsals. 

Hiatus there recently as well. A week or so ago we lost our bass player. I’m tempted to say in a bizarre gardening accident, as it’s funnier than the sadly necessary mundanity of work commitments. The perils of being your own boss! 

So we’ll be searching for a replacement, when we’ve got past the ‘now we shall have to teach the songs to a new person’/momentum interruption trough.

The writing of tonight’s post is being soundtracked by Rádio Etiópia, through Pocket Casts.

Obrigado chaps.

Super productive evening as we turned a chord noodle from the notebook into a choice new number.

There were also some actual tears of laughter over counting misfires:
“One… One… One… SAKE.”


“So, that’s six, two, four, two, three?”
“No, the second two is part of the three. The two is just the first bit of the three, twice.”

Last week we jammed partly acoustical, with the bassist absent. This week the singer had an evening shift, so we had an electrical instrumental cycle through our burgeoning set: a respectable seven songs, which some bands might parlay into a career.


An electrical instrument, recently

One of them is an old new one, a song that’s been kicking around for years in search of a version. Oh, how we all enjoyed the scarcely at all frustrating gap between the fully realised arrangement in my head and the atonal gargling with chipolata-fingered funk backing I used to communicate it.

Actually, like everything we’ve done so far, it resolved itself quite rapidly after we clicked on the chorus. Dangling like a plump stocking on a a Christmas tree while we toiled over the verse and bridge, suddenly its goodies were revealed and threw the rest of the song into a more festive focus. Needs horns and keyboards though…

Earlier in the evening, the drummer and I were discussing the short time we had week to week, and how we managed to extract a lot from it. We also had a good giggle over stupid fill-in titles for our songs. Later, talk turned to precisely how we might record a decent version of rehearsals for further study.

No cover versions, that’s the main thing.

After a four week hiatus, we finally got our mojo out of the garage, whipped the dust sheets off, stuck the ignition key in and… well, pretty clean start, actually. Two new songs, a definite sound coming together, and we were all very happy bunnies.

This sense of enthusiasm and can-doistitude may be tied to the quadrennial novelty of the Leap Year, and the giddy feelings associated with the opportunities afforded by calendar oddities. A Brigadoonish window into a special dimension. Weird time bubbles aligning.

Something like that? Anyway, tonight we were definitely channelling Dr Feelgood:

“Alla staccato carries it away!”