Short break there while our singer had a holiday. 

Back to it this evening, in the practice studio, which is working well for us soundwise. They have a good drum kit (the marque evades me, but I have the drummer’s assurances), a chunky vocal rig. I am playing through a Laney Linebacker head and Marshall cabinet, which combi offers a good deal of trebly reverberous hoof, with a lovely plummy sound in the middle also. Delighted when the singer called it plummy tonight, as I had been thinking that precise word. Syncety sync!

 We have no bassist, but this is prompting some positive rearrangements. We probably do need to get “something else” in: there are definite gaps in the sound, but with the singer getting room to manoeuvre our melodies have improved, and she’s started to pick out bass and other fill patterns on the piano in the room.

Tonight we rattled out the bones of a new song, a bit country-ish, some sort of First Aid Kit, Dr Hook and Dolly Parton jam, with a good deal of that trebly reverb of which I spake. 

Speaking of, this side of awesome came to my attention in the last week:

Great, though, isn’t it? So if we could siphon off just a soupçon of this soulful slink… Only, everything we’re doing has to clock in under three minutes, or we cut something out. That’s probably our most enjoyable bit at rehearsals right now. 

Treating the songs mean, keepin’ ’em keen.


Still having problems with image uploading, mobile WordPressing and other functions…

Tonight’s practice was kind of loose, with humid conditions sending strings in odd directions and lack of sleep getting us all twangling when we should have been twongling, etc. Despite this, it also kind of rocked, and we were delighted when Linz turned up with 30 mins left to see how improved our chord mangling has become over the last few weeks.

Laughed rather a lot too, which was very exciting.

“An odour of garlic prevails throughout.”

Owing to some shift management tricksiness we were still minus Linz for voice, but it seems to be working to our advantage  regarding putting basic structures together.

We were properly working at it tonight, getting rhythms down and generally tightening up. Keeping it very tight, in fact: seven songs, mostly clocking in round two, two and a half minutes. I think three’s the longest. PERFECT.

Ear worm of the night:
‘Aye greetin, too brilliant’

Inspiration of the week: Du Blonde