US election result day meme refers to 9/11 and 11/9 as dates vying for America’s worst.

Maybe the reversal is symbolically important after all, as a moment in which voters turned against the last 15 years of global war on terror, Project for the New American Century machinations, reckless profiteering succeeded by festering resentment over the financial iniquity of so-called austerity… a numerological inversion denoting a calling forth of a new era and mode of being, signalling a genuine inauguration of an epoch of hope.

Or… Washington Post journo on the radio citing the end of the world as we know it, at least the current paradigm (prompting thoughts of comments attributed to Gandhi regarding Western civilisation…)

Maybe we’re locked into a historical repetition cycle after all, a Reichstag fire away from rapid descent into Atwood-Orwellian dystopia. 

Maybe… maybe it’ll just be more of the same shite.

Hey ho rock n roll, deliver me from nowhere.


The last jam slewed into a slough of despond somewhat. This week, the three of us (vocals, drums and guitar) regrouped and set about reconstruction. The main song we did has a nifty melody and words, and we managed a harmony. It was a unanimously agreed Good Sesh.

The best thing about that song is that the version on my phone makes one of the drum patterns sound like someone saying “Thompson!”, in a kind of disgruntled Cockney voice. Weird, but unmistakable. Sort of Guy Richie character? He’s clearly aggrieved at Thompson, or at least trying desperately to get his attention.

 We may develop this germ of a notion into an eight-part series for Netflix. Meanwhile, the Lloyd-Webber inspired Sweeney musical continues to develop well, with “Falling down the apples” now set to close the first act.

Had a rummage in a charity shop vinyl section at the weekend.  Naught but Mrs Mills at the piano, Golden Parade of Pops 1976, Val Doonican and Orchestral Sounds of Tijuana. There was me ready to splash a small amount of cash too. But no. The crates have all been dug.

Saturday night’s alright for loafing. I’m a big fan of IFTTT at the moment. It’s great for automating fiddly tasks I’d never get round to otherwise. “Add” a track on Spotify, for example, and it could send it to a specific playlist. Does the same with SoundCloud, for another example. So, one might generate a nice evening selection wivout scarcely lifting a thumb.

Fiddle de dee, loaf, loaf, loaf. Apparently, yesterday was National Guacamole Day. Some avocado marketing guru is patting themselves on the back for that, I’m sure. However, as a fan of guac, it deserves a nod. SFA, take it away!

I need revolution, ’cause I can’t afford the price of cake.

Of course I enjoyed Stranger Things this summer. Can’t wait for Season 2.

Now, what could be more meta-80s than a listen to synth pioneers Tangerine Dream having an electro stab at the theme song?  

Tangerine Dream and 80s TV go hand in hand for me.

The man… The machine… Street Hawk!

Anyway, the Stranger Synths are on SoundCloud, and I found out about it through the Gorilla vs Bear website.

Band news was here, Monday nights following rehearsals. 

Hiatus there recently as well. A week or so ago we lost our bass player. I’m tempted to say in a bizarre gardening accident, as it’s funnier than the sadly necessary mundanity of work commitments. The perils of being your own boss! 

So we’ll be searching for a replacement, when we’ve got past the ‘now we shall have to teach the songs to a new person’/momentum interruption trough.

The writing of tonight’s post is being soundtracked by Rádio Etiópia, through Pocket Casts.

Obrigado chaps.

Super productive evening as we turned a chord noodle from the notebook into a choice new number.

There were also some actual tears of laughter over counting misfires:
“One… One… One… SAKE.”


“So, that’s six, two, four, two, three?”
“No, the second two is part of the three. The two is just the first bit of the three, twice.”

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