Fixing the table top on this evening.

Despite having checked the pre-drilled holes last week, it was still a nervy experience fitting the actual screws. Getting them most of the way in with a combi drill, then finishing by hand with a pozi screwdriver, then slipping a hand under the table top to check nothing had come through.

Fortunately, the measuring was all accurate, so I have avoided the possibility of someone running admiring fingers across the surface of the wood then sticking a spiked finger in their mouth with an accusatory yelp.

Small victories, yes, maybe… but they’re my victories.

The rest of the evening was spent sorting out little issues that hadn’t quite occurred to me, such as having to plane the ends owing to the teeth marks left by the circular saw, which was a faff, then a lot of sanding down of those edges.

Finally, some superfine abrasive action with p320 paper along the top, which had such an instant and pleasing effect on the timber that I felt enthused enough to consider sending the Abrasives Company an endorsement, even offering to do voiceovers for their radio adverts.

“…for a smoothness that is unsurpassed…”

OK, it’s more of an audio gag, but, oh, you know.

Next week: Treating the wood with Osmo Oil.

“Osmo. The wood product specialist.”