Words are birds:

words can fly around the world.

Words inspire, strengthen, gird.

Words are scaffolding to climb.

Words are poems, story time.

Words are cheesy,

words are curds.

Words can sometimes get in the way.

Words are carved nut fairy coaches;

words are turds and fat cockroaches.

Words are frumptious, hoopy, gay –

words absurd are something alien –

words are nerds, sesquipedalian.

Words are toenails, sharp, ingrowing;

words are known unknowns, or knowing

words thrown into others’ faces,

words brittle, unkind, racist

words, uneven, low and level

words, godlike, the very devil.

Words are all we’ve got, words said,

and sung, in tongues, imagined, read.

Words have rhythms, beats, and pauses.

Words are throwaway and causes.

Words are soothing.

Words are rages.

Words can be both keys and cages.