The middle of the week is enlivened by a carpentry course that I enrolled in last September. I’ve hand made a side-table!

It’s been very instructive – not just about woodworking techniques, e.g. the haunched mortise and tenon joints that are holding the table together. It’s offered me some fresh perspectives on the ways I can overthink things. Frustrations stemming from some fool’s quest for perfection, intersecting with the requirement to make pieces of timber into certain shapes and be square and of the correct dimensions, might seem like a recipe for brain explosions and total grumpiness.

Somehow though the craft seems to totally subdue the mental wrangling. Learning to follow and enjoy the process, getting into the moment of whatever it is that’s being done, and all the unnecessary thought gets smoothed off.

Tonight I was attempting dovetail joints. So fiddly! Definitely need some more practice with those. Good, however, for those one-line-of-a-song earworms I invariably get in such a scenario.

Oh yeah.