Best laid schemes oft gang a-right also.

The good news is that the bike was ready for action. As I lifted the solitary item leaned up against it, I’m sure I heard it sigh in an eye-rolling, about-time manner.

Not quite the layers of boxes, tarpaulin, timber, abandoned plastic garden toys and spiders that I recalled. Funny how those little pictures build up in the brain, scenarios expanding and contracting. Proof if it were needed that memory can be contingent and unreliable…

Like, also not remembering to check the weather until exiting the house. Ah, forecast schmorecast, I thought, wiping a stray drop from the screen. Pretty much stopped, hasn’t it? Well, it wasn’t raining at the precise second I left… As I sped off, pedalled and sploshed, I did recall, though, how much I heartily heart being on the bike.

The other good news is, it was chucking it down with some insistence by the time I returned 40 minutes later. Chilly, driving rain, getting fat and slushy… Obviously! So, an elemental giggle at the coincidence of intent and environment ensued. Proper, sock-wringing sodden, endorphin tickled. Just what I was after.

“… the winter’s sleety dribble” indeed!

😁 πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ