Trudging through it at the moment. It’s a familiar field, with an aspect that’s appealing from a distance revealed closer up to be all morass.

Managed to lighten a persistent glum mood with thirty minutes in the sunshine planting out shallots (the pre-chorus of Livin’ on a prayer playing over and over as I pressed each one into the soil). There’s clearly some unfavourable aspect about the rest of the solar system, though. Must be something in the air. My mind misgives. Unlike the shallots, an orbs-not-quite-in-alignment sort of scenario.

Heh… orbs. While acknowledging and paying respect to the benefit of not feeling like I have to do anything, moments where I am literally talking balls suggest some sort of nudge is required. Like, a proper physical getting out of one’s self…

Not like that though.

Tomorrow morning will be either a run, or retrieving the bike from underneath the stuff that’s been piled up against it in the garage all winter. Actually, given the prevalence of flatness, I’m likely to discover a pair of deflated tyres, so I might as well put the trainers by the door now.