Getting back into the rhythm of term time can be difficult. There’s all that tension in the air – the ties sitting uncomfortably after a week in tee-shirts, running fingers round collars, restlessly shuffling pens and papers, trying to settle back into the school seats. The students are a nightmare as well.

On top of the sudden reappearance of Work Load, I’ve had disrupted sleep all week, not particularly assisted by feeling categorically unable to tear myself away from Doing Stuff in the evenings, extra bits of work, writing… Projects, til far too late on.

Traditionally the sort of hothouse from which booze plants might have sprung fully formed, possibly by this evening, certainly by the end of the week.

Not in the slightest feeling that this evening – such are the joys of getting dressed up for World Book Day and springing “Drop Everything to Read Something’ surprise moments on delighted classes, I feel relatively perky, if a bit stubbly and stretchy-eyed. So, doing my level best to get my head down before too long after 10pm…

It seems obvious in some ways, but just assuming everything’s going to be fine absent that one thing that’s not working for you is a bit of an invitation to let all one’s other behaviours step up to take the place.

So yeah, that’s it for this evening.