There’s a lot of valuable writing about drinking, and not drinking. Today I discovered soberpunks, which had a lot of resonance for me, geographically, musically, ethically… and with regard to alcohol, of course.

Tip 3 on an early post of theirs – 7 tips to quit the booze – is to ‘Read and read and read’.

They recommend a book that actually I picked up in a library sale last year, Kick the drink… easily! by Jason Vale. I had decided to not drink about two months before that, so it was a sort of synchronicitous find. It’s maybe a bit overlong, but I entertained myself by having Jason Statham do the narration in my head as I read, so that was fun. There’s a lot I agreed with in it, and I agree it’s definitely worth a look.

Also, reading stuff that’s nothing to do with drinking is a mighty strong idea. I would like to commend to you  The Shatner Chatner if you don’t know about it. Daniel Mallory Ortberg is a total genius. Halfway through “You There! Swordsmith! Can We Count On You?”, when it got to the band of companions… reader, I near bust a girdleband.