Just wanted to share some favoured disks being placed far away from any charity bags/car boot piles…

Not sure precisely when I started digging jazz. It slips in and out of favour in some ways, but there’s something kind of compelling about good strains.

I keep meaning to do a podcast about it, because it’d sound more interesting than it reads… but it’s all on vinyl, so it’d maybe be a bit of a fiddle… We’ll see! Here are five sides that were front of mind when I decided to make this the thing, anyway.

Fletcher Henderson & the Connie’s Inn Orchestra. Recorded 1926 & 1931. Deeply groovy.

Django & Stephane mainly, from 1938 and 1946. Love’s Melody in particular is required listening.

Be bop genius Fats Navarro recorded most of the tracks in 1946/1947. He died in 1950… aged 27.

Two giants of the piano with totally different styles somehow totally complement each other on this session from late in both their careers (1974).

One of the forgotten pioneers of the form, Bennie Moten deserves to be remembered if only for his titles. “Elephant’s Wobble”, “18th Street Strut”, “Sister Honky Tonk”, and “Goofy Dust”. Also totally rocking.