The last jam slewed into a slough of despond somewhat. This week, the three of us (vocals, drums and guitar) regrouped and set about reconstruction. The main song we did has a nifty melody and words, and we managed a harmony. It was a unanimously agreed Good Sesh.

The best thing about that song is that the version on my phone makes one of the drum patterns sound like someone saying “Thompson!”, in a kind of disgruntled Cockney voice. Weird, but unmistakable. Sort of Guy Richie character? He’s clearly aggrieved at Thompson, or at least trying desperately to get his attention.

 We may develop this germ of a notion into an eight-part series for Netflix. Meanwhile, the Lloyd-Webber inspired Sweeney musical continues to develop well, with “Falling down the apples” now set to close the first act.