Summer holidays having receded, a new year begun in the day job of teachery, the time comes to recommence Word Pressing.

I took what was going to be a couple of weeks off earlier, after a busy first half of the year. Now it’s been a couple and a bit months off writing. Well, I’ve still been writing, just not for this. Having begun the year aiming to write a post a day for January, then getting pretty much to June, I started to feel in a bit of a rut.

It was often enjoyable, but more frequently a chore. The main issue was that conversation I was having with myself more and more. ‘Hey, I’m posting something every day!’ ‘Yeah, but what are you saying?

When you’re having second person dialogue with yourself about something, it’s interval time.

Things occurring instead: 

  • kept a diary, stopped having an eye on speaking to the world and gave myself time and permission to consider things in more depth
  • revisited some key texts
  • dug the garden
  • a lot of colouring in

More on all that to follow. Now it’s time to press publish and set it all off again…