Just finished – in a triumphal last minute sprint – a pile of marking.

Many an undeveloped comment on how writers create clever effects with language that impact the audience and make you want to read on, but a regrettable lack of comedy howlers to share. A dull class indeed is the one that brings no entertaining inaccuracies, even.

Instead, I shall confide that in conversation once a colleague, a fellow teacher of English, twice used the non-word “irregardless”.

My brain looped the utterance as they carried on speaking, now mute under the roar of blood in my ears. They hadn’t quoted an erroneous student. They’d used it as an actual word. Twice.

Still wakes me up from time to time.

There was another terrible bit of word-maiming I heard just today, but what with the pile of marking, it’s evading me. Probably for the best.