Education news in the UK today is mostly about leaked SPaG SATs for primary school children. Test materials released controversially in advance of the controversial tests.

The leak has been blamed on a ‘rogue marker’, which is hilarious imagery. I can’t stop singing this to the tune of the old Transformers cartoon theme song. Rogue marker! (Teacher in disguise).

It has been suggested that the ‘rogue marker’ (teacher in disguise) may be working as part of an orchestrated campaign of sabotage against the unnecessary hoop jumping exercise reforms. Sabotage! I work on an ideological battleground. I love the smell of military metaphor in the morning. Well done, Rogue 3, tally ho, decent effort.

I teach secondary rather than primary, and the primacy of the test is perhaps even greater. So much assessment, so little time to learn anything between tests. Add in MIDYIS, ALIS and other data and it seems clear that education currently is dominated by people whose idea of a good time is spreadsheet wrangling.

Rather think I’m with writer, educationalist and good egg Michael Rosen on this:

Tuesday, 10 May 2016
The 8-point purpose of SPaG

1.Say summative testing necessary.
2.Reduce language to right/wrong.
3.Teachers have to teach it.
4.Children have to learn/don’t learn it.
5 Test them with dodgy tests
6. Call it ‘standards’.
7. Teachers measured on basis of how well children did in the dodgy tests.
8. If not high enough, convert school to academy.

Meanwhile, this is how I feel as an education professional today, again:


Hey! Teacher!