Last week we jammed partly acoustical, with the bassist absent. This week the singer had an evening shift, so we had an electrical instrumental cycle through our burgeoning set: a respectable seven songs, which some bands might parlay into a career.


An electrical instrument, recently

One of them is an old new one, a song that’s been kicking around for years in search of a version. Oh, how we all enjoyed the scarcely at all frustrating gap between the fully realised arrangement in my head and the atonal gargling with chipolata-fingered funk backing I used to communicate it.

Actually, like everything we’ve done so far, it resolved itself quite rapidly after we clicked on the chorus. Dangling like a plump stocking on a a Christmas tree while we toiled over the verse and bridge, suddenly its goodies were revealed and threw the rest of the song into a more festive focus. Needs horns and keyboards though…

Earlier in the evening, the drummer and I were discussing the short time we had week to week, and how we managed to extract a lot from it. We also had a good giggle over stupid fill-in titles for our songs. Later, talk turned to precisely how we might record a decent version of rehearsals for further study.

No cover versions, that’s the main thing.