This year The Mortal Bath has settled into a regular, if frequently ad hoc, posting schedule. It started as a January challenge, and – hey! – I’ve maintained momentum into May. Feeling good about those altered work habits.

Yet… Having previously discussed the benefits of notebook immolation, and having admired Radiohead’s memory hole removal of their online presence earlier this week,  preceding the release of their delicious new song, Burn the Witch, what I really wanted to do this weekend was to delete it all and reset.

Not really to the point of going through with it. Be a bit obvious, for one thing. But I am aware of not saying things for the sake of saying things. I don’t think I have, this year, more than about two or three times, maybe, but it’s on my mind. And while I enjoyed the A to Z Challenge in April, that and the face surgery took me off the schedule and into sleepwalking through it all a bit.

So, rise and shine, and next week back to the marker posts of Rock Notes (Monday), Fiction Friday and Sunday in the Garden (perhaps even with actual garden). Plus interstitial whimsy as per.

There we are, a re-re-statement of intent.

If you haven’t seen it, here’s the aforementioned Radiohead comeback piece. It’s a really quite compelling tune, and dig also the kind of half-disturbing Camberwicker Man video. I say half-disturbing… Watch right to the end…

A reassuring ‘No government officials were harmed in the making of this movie’ conclusion…  or IS that reassuring? Does it not make the video WHOLLY disturbing?

etc etc etc