Bank Holiday Monday, and we went to enjoy the trad ents of Bilton Gala.

By a cruel twist of meteorology and planning, the event was held in a brighter-much-later muddy field, that had posed such problems for arriving stallholders that the beer tent guys just gave up and drove off.

How is a parent supposed to tolerate slipping about on soggy grass, periodically dispensing two pound coins to allow a child to ride round in circles (hanging chairs, fire engine, horsies) for three minutes, without the assistance of alcohol?

Fortunately, there was this stall, the Little Breads bakery, selling chocolate scotch eggs. Ganache, brownie and creme egg centre.

This is the best image I could find:


I didn’t have time to record the deliciousness myself. As I said to the baker who helpfully suggested microwaving it for 30 seconds, it was going to last about that long from the stall. I made it a bit further than that, but apparently my eyes were sparkling after I hoovered it down.

Sugar… Somehow, there’s always a way for it to save the day.