On this date in 1978, Duran Duran played their first live gig, in the lecture theatre at Birmingham Polytechnic.


This image, from the JT’s Vault section of the Duran Duran website, was a nice find. It reminds me of putting posters together and playing gigs in various bands down the years. Nothing approaching the popularity or endurance of the ‘Rannies, needless to say, but fun and games, and personal expression, innit?

Well, I suppose making squigillions of pounds, and getting to jam with the like of Niles Rodgers and Janelle MonĂ¡e, would be tolerable to a degree. Some might see their style and sound a blight on the 80s, sure, and I wouldn’t say I’ve ever followed them particularly closely… but they’ve always been part of the ether, and I’m pleased to see them looking healthy and like they’re still having fun and games.

The one tune I really liked as a kid, though, was The Reflex:

…not sure why-yi-yi-yi-yi. I think it’s the big chorus and the ta-na-na-nas. Always loved some ta-na-na-nas.