Two weeks off from band practice again. This is what we get for expecting to rehearse in a school room during Easter break.

Tonight’s notes are thusly the last week of other people’s tunes what I have heard… We have been royally enjoying the sounds of Harbors, a band from LA, USA, being the project of a musician called David Shayne ‘and friends’. Nice lines in bitter lyrics with sweet melodies, and murmurous vocals that bring to mind 80s/90s New Zealand bands, as if this can be anything other than a good thing. The marvellous eponymous album can be had from Harbors Music at Bandcamp, and I really dig the tracks “Good Luck” and “Glass Heart” in particular.


Also been listening to a mixtape from Azealia Banks, “Slay-Z”, which I found out about from Pretty Much Amazing dot com.
Dancefloor rudeness “Queen of Clubs”, loudly through earphones and juxtaposed with a very busy Easter Saturday shopping mission in ASDA, made me giggle (slightly hysterically). I also love the languid delivery on “Along the Coast”. Miss Banks recently abandoned Twitter in no uncertain terms, and that’s another reason.



Finally, pleased to note that my favourite synth pop 80s throwbacks Robots With Rayguns have a new EP out, Skin Tight, which you can find at the RWR Bandcamp disco zone.


The music's contagious, outrageous!

It is to my chagrin that I was too slow to snaffle a cassette copy of “As Fresh As It Gets”… maybe later… Sometimes you just need the Electric Love.

Next week: E, C#m, A, B, E