Owing to some work annoyance, we were fixed to be bassless this evening. Not fancying the White Stripes sound, we thought we’d take an evening off.

I’m spending some time catching up on reading, while also catching up on some news from Bandcamp/SoundCloud. As in, ‘here are the news’, a sort of archaic Victorian inflection to sit with the actually cosmic now amazingness of having a pocket device on which I access the world’s music and text publishers, contact band colleagues across town, write this stuff… I’ve got it plugged into a battery pack and feel all Transmetropolitan.

Speaking of which, Warren Ellis does a newsletter called Orbital Operations, which ships every Sunday and is usually worth a read. This week he published the text of a talk he gave in Dublin, which had this phrase, discussing speculative realism, which he said tells us:

we are a temporary infection smeared across an unremarkable rock hurtling through the blackness, amid the radio howls of zombie stars.

I do enjoy his way with words. He mentions this to offset a more optimistic view of mankind’s chances, I should add, in case you’re thinking the newsletter is all “I’ve seen the future and it’s rough.” Anyway, there’s a rock bit.

For musical accompaniment, from Bandcamp, I suggest ‘Jet Black Hallucinations’ by BLOWN OUT.


This IS the heavy heavy monster sound. Heard it first a couple of months ago and felt well squeegeed of mind by the close of the track. Love that artwork too. Fits the Lovecraftian dread/Alien engineers speculative mode of tgw evening well.