Tinkering with the title of the post again, reflecting a lack of actual gardening done on Sunday this week. Well, what with it being Mothering Sunday and all: word to your moms, etc.

It’s also because March is doing its customary “It’s spring NO it’s late winter!” tomfoolery and bringing us up to the full complement of four seasons daily. Today we had a bit of hail, some half-hearted snow, brilliant and lusciously cosy sunshine. Yesterday it was rain, rain and more rain… sunny intervals (see closing music), all of which has hampered the horticulture.

I was determined to get at the rest of the vegetable-patch-in-waiting, though, and between showers managed to effect a moderately successful continuation:

It was heavy going, though, with several massive bramble crowns lurking beneath the surface like some sort of John Wyndham outline. I realise I’m disturbing the soil quite a bit to get to these blighters. However, seeing as there’s also compacted grass/dandelion patches to contend with, on the whole it seems like the best approach. As I suggested in a previous post, there’s no rush with this project, and if all we get done this year is composting and weed suppression, that’ll do.

Although it looks a bit of a minor dent, I actually got the rest of the area to the left of this pretty much done, a few rogue dandelions aside… but while I feel like we’re winning on the flatter side, the section to the right of the image above looks a lot fiercer. The feeling of impending doom, or at least hard work, is increased when I turn up objects such as this… worm hat

“Did you find the rest of the body?” my dad asked, and to be honest it wouldn’t surprise me. Regrettably, every clunk of the spade on something solid beneath the loam so far has been neither the solution to a long-standing open investigation, nor (hope, hope) the lost silver of Red Rackham, but another bastard bramble root. Still, yeah, we dig, dig? One step forward for every two ineffectual.

I’d like to offer a pic of the finished article, but the weather turned and it was all mum visiting today, so here’s an atmospheric rain and sunshine mix long shot from the doorway:


Closing music: Super Furry Animals – Ysbediau heulog