Today’s, you might be pleased to learn,
the day we’d say ‘Happy Returns!’
and ‘All the best!’ ‘Here’s to you!’ ‘Cheers!’
to mark the passing of the years
gone by since DR SEUSS was born.

So hoot your hooters! Honk your horn!
Shake a leg! Go bake a cake!
Grab a glass and aim to take
a break from adult cares and woes!
Short sheets? Why not get out your toes
and bathe them all in sarsaparilla,
sauerkraut, essence of vanilla,
or mineral water would be fine
or buckets of cheap Rhenish wine,
whichever the most seemly seems!
(Though never dunk toes in your dreams.)
The most important thing’s to know
exactly when you’d best let go,
remind yourself to think young thoughts,
’cause life is great but life is short…

So tell the Once-ler, Lola Lopp,
the Redd-Zoffs, and the Hopping Yop,
call up dear Mrs McCave
and her 23 sons called Dave,
hail the Whos and Horton, strain
to shout the Sneetches (Starred and Plain),
creatures simple, slightly dreary,
confused, complex, wakeful, bleary,
coloured green like eggs, red or blue,
or spooky like Foo-Foo the Snoo…



So tell the beasts in big balloons
to grab their party hats, and soon,
to celebrate in splenderiffic,
most delicious – calorific! –
ostentatious style outstanding,
fitted to a man commanding
love and joy for his crazy words
and images (mostly absurd),
    …so let’s cut loose…
…and give three cheers for DR SEUSS!