Day 28… It’s nearly a month since we played a note, due to sickness and other intrusions…

Tonight, instead, I’m listening to some likely significantly influential in some roundabout way synth-based tunes, via SoundCloud. I have loved ye electronickal music since hearing Equinox V, and being entranced by the Dr Who theme, as a very young lad. It’s been a constant thread since, in various iterations.

Three from among my current favourites:

Ghost Cop, moody, shades of Ladytron, and great newsletter chat also: Sci-fi Drive

Code Elektro, sort of Vangelis/Jean Michel Jarre-inflected soundtrack perfection:
Cyber Dreams

Tim Gane, formerly of the mighty Stereolab, has a new project, Cavern Of Anti-Matter. Tardis Cymbals is cosmic, 13 minutes of ace.

Hopefully back to playing next week…
“I hear that you and your band have sold your guitars and bought analogue synthesizers…”